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Supergirl Powerless

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Studio Name: Anastasia Pierce Productions
Directed By: Anastasia Pierce
Release Date: October 27, 2015
Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Genres: FetishGirl/GirlParody
UPC: 8-55305 00169-2
Item Number: APP068

Allie RaeAnastasia PierceSara Liz


Supergirl vs Zatanna

Synopsis: A distress signal was received and Supergirl in on her way to fight danger! Cheery, Happy SuperGirl has no idea she is flying onto a trap. Magician Goddess Zatanna has gone rogue and is about to play some tricks on her in the depth of her dungeon.. Once trapped in Zatanna's dungeon. Supergirl will endure all kinds of punishments: flogging, spankings and unthinkable sexual humiliating practices… Poor Supergirl is really caught this time and has no clue when and how she will get free from Zatanna’s magical hands.

Zatanna is also using Kryptonite against the super-heroine, which makes her weak and completely unable to resist. At some point, Supergirl will even find herself riding a Kryptonite dildo! With it’s powers slowly seeping inside her…

But somewhere far away, Powergirl senses that Supergirl is in danger . She will fly over the city trying to find her friend. More Trouble is about to happen next!!

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna, Allie Rae as Supergirl, Power Girl, Special FX, Flying, Authentic Super Heroine Legendary Costumes, Punishment, Distress, SHIP, Bondage, Kryptonite, Flogging, Blow Job, Sex , Fighting, Catfight, Slapping, Punches, Lesbian Sex, Strap-on, Magician, Damsel in Distress, Humiliation, Peril, Cosplay, Trap, Helpless, Super-Heroine in Distress with Bondage, Sex and Humiliation.

Supergirl vs Catwoman

Synopsis: Catwoman is lounging and seductively smoking with a long cigarette holder. She is sipping on her milk martini wandering what the evening will bring. She reads in the newspaper that a unique exhibit is in town. Rare stones never exhibited to the public before including a very unique 50 carats emerald are displayed at the museum. Catwoman pays a visit to the museum but gets intercepted by Supergirl on her way out. They have a confrontation but quickly Supergirl is acting unlike herself. Weak and powerless… Something is up! Catwoman sees the opportunity to get the upper hand. She is determined to get rid of Supergirl for good but first She needs to pay! In a painful, torturous and humiliating one on one with Catwoman. Supergril will scream louder and squirm more than ever seen before!!

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman, Sara Liz as Supergirl, authentic super heroine legendary costumes, SHIP, Smoking, Cigarette Holder, Fighting, Sharp Claws, Evil Laugh, Undressing, Feet in stock, Immobilized, Electrical Wand, Tickling, Bitting, Licking, Foot Fetish, Stretching to maximum, Medieval Rack, Wooden Stock, Bondage, Damsel in Distress, Humiliation, Peril, Cosplay, Trap, Cat fighting, Helpless, Super-Heroine in distress with bondage and humiliation, No Escape, DOOM

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